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The aim of the Knowledge Centre is to promote choices that improve individual and societal wellbeing.


We focus on developing, applying, and sharing scientific knowledge about economic behaviour. This includes behaviour with direct economic consequences, such as financial decisions, but also behaviours whose consequences are less direct, in the domains of sustainability and health, for example.

What we do


We conduct independent research on topics that we deem important. In addition, we enjoy research in collaboration with other organisations.


Lectures, workshops, and courses

We give lectures, workshops, and courses. The format and topics are geared to the target group and can be adapted to specific wishes.

We firmly believe that policy,
communication and service are more effective if human behaviour is taken into account. We will be happy to advise you.

Sharing knowledge is important to us

We organise seminars for professionals. We also organise events for a general audience, meaning for everybody who is interested. In addition, we publish our findings in short, easy-to-read summaries, in scientific articles, and in annual reports.


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We value collaboration

Are you interested in designing and conducting research with us? Do you want to organise a lecture, workshop or course? Do you need advice about behavioural change? Or do you want to help us broaden our reach? We are open to many forms of collaboration.


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