Our own research

As a Knowledge Centre, we also conduct research on our own initiative, focusing on topics that we consider important.


We publish these results in scientific journals and share accessible Dutch summaries on our website. Additionally, we present our findings in lectures and events and utilize the research in consultancy and training.


Would you like to learn more about our research? Please contact Marret Noordewier (Head of Research).


Current research projects include:


  • National Monitor Financial Worries: In collaboration with Wijzer in geldzaken (Money wise), we track financial stress and worries among the Dutch population. Every three months we conduct measurements to monitor developments over time. Additionally, each year we conduct in-depth research based on notable results from the monitor.
  • KCPEG International Database on Financial Stress: We are developing a database comprising data from 51 countries, focusing on aspects such as financial stress. These data are utilized to address various research questions, including the relationship between financial stress and perceived control.
  • Societal exclusion: We are investigating whether financial stress correlates with feelings of social exclusion. For this purpose, we utilize data from the Netherlands as well as the aforementioned international data.
  • Impact of reclaiming benefits: We are examining the psychology surrounding benefit reclaiming and non-usage of subsidies. Previous research indicated that people refrain from applying for subsidies due to fear of reclamation. Through an experiment simulating the financial situation of a household, we are exploring whether there is a causal relationship between reclamation and non-usage. Furthermore, we are analyzing CBS (Statistics Netherlands) data to ascertain whether people indeed abstain from applying for a subsidy after experiencing a (significant) reclamation.

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