Verbond van Verzekeraars: Financial education

"Financial education is of national importance"

Wilco van Dijk gave an interview with the 'Verbond van Verzekeraars'.


In this interview, Wilco explained why he believes financial education is of national importance: “If we look at knowledge and skills in the financial field, I think it is very nice that guest lectures are given; but it is an emergency bandage. This is not the way to do it; financial education must be structurally embedded in education. I understand the intentions, but I still maintain that financial education should be part of the national curriculum. Both the Money Week and the guest lectures are well-intentioned initiatives, but they are not enough. There is a lack of structural attention for financial education in our national education plans. You are not born with financial skills, so you have to learn them in school, just like writing and arithmetic.”


This interview is in Dutch. You can find the interview with the 'Verbond van Verzekeraars' here

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